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2 pm MONDAY 02/12/2013
Activity 1 (Small Group)- List out the special qualities of  one’s beloved teacher
List three Special qualities of your favourite teacher
In small group, make a list comprising all the special qualities of favourite teachers
Prepare a presentation about the special qualities of favourite teachers in the whole group
Activity 2 (Small Group) List out our expectations of of the B.Ed. program
                Write individually three expectations of the B Ed program.
                Collate them and prepare a list of five.
                Make presentation
Is teaching an art, science or craft?
What is a profession?

What is a "profession"?

"a type of work that needs special training or education:
He's a teacher by profession (= he trained to be a teacher).

"a paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification: 
a body of people engaged in a particular profession: the legal profession has become increasingly business-conscious.

"A profession is a vocation founded upon specialized high educational training, the purpose of which is to supply objective counsel and service to others, for a direct and definite compensation, wholly apart from expectation of other business gain." (New Statesman, 21 April 1917, article by Sidney Webb and Beatrice Webb quoted with approval … report by the UK Competition Commission, dated 8 November 1977).

"The main milestones which mark an occupation being identified as a profession are:
1.       It became a full-time occupation;
2.      The first training school was established;
3.      The first university school was established;
4.      The first local association was established;
5.      The first national association was established;
6.      The codes of professional ethics were introduced;
7.      State licensing laws were established."
"Although professions enjoy high status and public prestige, not all professionals earn high salaries, and even within specific professions there exist significant inequalities of compensation."

Question for further enquiry
Is teaching a profession or Vocation?

Whole Group Discussion


  1. Humility
    Open Mindedness

  2. The qualities of favourite teacher:
    -She is friendly
    -She has a motherly affection towards her wards
    -She is a true guide and true mentor
    -Encouragement and motivation
    -She pointed out our mistakes and helped us to rectify it
    -Her presence is felt even in her absence
    -She taught us how to be a good human being
    -Her dedication towards her profession
    -She is very understanding
    -She is punctual
    -Her clear and loud voice

  3. Expectations of the B.Ed programme:
    -to make myself competent as a good teacher
    -to develop my confidence
    -to provide good citizens to the society
    -reformation in the existing educational system
    -to develop my personality
    -to fulfill my ambition
    -to overcome my limitations

  4. Liji,Sreeji,Suji,Sajna,Ragi
    Qualities of favourite teacher:
    -Kind, gentle and caring
    -Good advice
    -Helping mentality
    -Motivation to succeed
    -No partiality

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  6. Liji, Sreeji,Suji,Sajna, Ragi
    Expectations of B.Ed course:
    - How to teach
    -Motivating society
    -To get respect
    -Develop good personality
    -To become a good teacher
    -Role model

  7. Indu, Varsha, Anu
    Qualities of our favourite teachers:
    >Modest dressing
    >Memorises even the minute details of every student
    >Polite and simple
    >Good humour sense
    >Analytical quickness
    >A clear and deeper understanding of the subject

    Expectations from B.Ed. course:
    >To become a meaningful and effective teacher
    >To present any topic confidently
    >To develop a good attitude in students
    >To get a peaceful job
    >To overcome personal inhibitions
    >Class management
    >To be an example for students
    >To identify the do's and don'ts of teaching

  8. Asha, Blessy, Shija, Sajna
    Qualities of our favourite teachers:
    -Helping mentality
    -Leadership quality
    -Good friend
    -Loving and caring
    -Excellent guide and good advisor
    Expectations from B.Ed. course:
    -To become a good teacher
    -To learn how to handle a subject and student
    -To become a technology oriented teacher
    -To adapt to the new changes in teaching
    -To develop my inborn talents, abilities and personal skill

  9. the best qualities of my best teacher
    1.she knows me better than me
    2.knows every student deeply
    3.sometimes like a mother,sometimes a friend
    4.make the students feel that they are important

    my expetations on B.Ed programme
    1.become a best teacher
    2.equip the teacher in me
    3.cultivate the ability to face the crowd
    4.personality improvement

  10. The best qualities of my best teacher
    1. her smile
    2. her high energy level
    3. her intense desire and effort to help out each and every student in academics as well as personality devpt and behavior.
    4. her encouraging attitude that wipes out a student's fears and hesitations
    5. her attitude to welcome suggestions, criticisms in a positive sense
    and being unbiased towards anyone.

    My Expectations regarding B.Ed programme
    1. to develop and equip my skills to be a better teacher.
    2. to make a positive difference in the student community.
    3. to enhance my confidence and overcome inhibitions
    4. to be ideologically prepared to work for the betterment of the student community