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Problem Based Learning Scenario No. 1 for PRACTICUM II

How Far Has the School Scenario Changed in Recent Times? 
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The Kerala school system has been in a flux of sweeping curricular changes for more than a decade. What is the true nature of these changes? Are these changes influenced by the system itself or by outside forces? Have the teachers, headmasters and the general public imbibed the real spirit of curricular changes? Is there a shift in the very purpose of schooling itself? What will be the nature of schooling in the coming decades? Are we going in the right direction?
To raise more questions and search for answers you are requested to have a revisit of the school scenario in terms of the following of components; Curriculum and syllabus, teaching- learning approaches, planning and implementation of lessons, students’ role in learning, student- teacher relationship, assessment practices, technological inputs for learning, importance of co- curricular activities etc. professional development of teachers,  parents’ involvement, community participation, local bodies and government initiatives, profile of students and teachers, interest of various stake holders etc. Have a close look at them and discuss and share your findings.


  1. 1) the new curriculam and sylabus help students to do their work themselves.
    2) in olden days,all of us are byhearting and write on exam ,what we byhearted. But now a days,there is no buyhearting of topics by students.
    3) Students learn all things by reality and by their own eyes.. In this method no imagination.
    4) Also Teacher have a great part in the new method,that they will show students how or what they want to explain. so teachers also be well prepaired
    5) New method helps Students to study the topic not only for exam,,for developing their knowledge too
    6) although the sylabus help students to develop a self confident,ability to do things and make them bold.
    7) The new method help students to know the related topics more,than what they studied fron the book.So it help them more .

  2. during my teaching practice,I found that their syllabus and text books
    had no relation.most of the students not satisfied with their
    syllabus.Also it did not contain answers so they cannnot verify
    it.HIGH SCHOOL CHETTIKULANGARA was a good school that i got.HM was
    fully supportive,also their teachers took classes for weak students
    daily morning.also their clubs are functioning.yesterday science
    teachres conducted science quiz.most of the high school students
    participated andthey answer correctly.they learned animation from
    their IT CLUB.ALSO parents made a good relationship with teachers.
    The education system needs to aim at the overall development of the
    growing individual so that he becomes capable of leading a satisfying
    and productive life, while also becoming useful to society and
    humanity as a whole.
    The Quality of education need to be changed in our country. The
    variation between CBSE, Matriculation and State Board should be made
    uniform. Students should be taught more about practical knowledge than
    theoretical. Our students are capable for competing with students from
    other countries. They achieve these capabilities by overcoming various
    struggles likes’ poverty. But still they are able to make their own
    space in this world. is lack of proper syllabus or lack of uniform
    syllabus allover India.Gov should have to take more action to improve
    our education system. The actions should start from root level. Then
    only we can compete with others. Today's education system is not
    useful for gaining knowledge about real life. Rather it fully focus on
    testing the memory capacity. In exams, students just "mug up" the
    and reproduce the same.

    It is necessary for the students to know about...1)how to face their
    real life problems 2)how to apply their knowledge in new things. The
    worst part of education is that most of the student have to complete
    schooling education in regional language and higher education in
    English medium uniformity is critic need of today's education
    system .We have worst education system from KG to 12th standard also
    degree education is not fully satisfy the need of today's development.

    The politicians are not ready for taking steps for making changes in
    education sector.

    Even comparing CBSE, State board or Matriculation, CBSE is somewhat
    providing better education than the other two. Why is the country
    subdividing education quality like CBSE, State board or matriculation.
    First there should be an uniform education pattern for all
    An important part of our education system is the evaluation system.
    Evaluation of students has always been through written examinations.
    This essentially meant that the student had to memorize whatever he is
    supposed to learn and reproduce it on the answer paper during the
    specified time on the day(s) of examination. This has several
    drawbacks: a child who is ill on that day could perform below par; the
    system basically tests the ability of the student to memorize and
    recall material; the examination does not cover all aspects of the
    child’s personality; and so on, yet the child is branded by the marks
    scored in the examination. Worse, a spirit of competition developed
    among, very strangely, the parents! This often led to the children
    being driven to score higher ranks and sometimes even to suicides.
    While these issues are valid for all subjects, there are certain
    issues relevant to each subject, including science. We shall examine
    below how the state of Kerala attempted to face these challenges and
    what it plans for the future.

  3. I think that education system following today more better than past schooling systems. Today the education systen is student centered but later it was only teacher centred. I think Indian education system needa a major overhaul. We start looking from primary levels. Although govt has taken good initiatives like mid-day meals and no exam till 5th grade but we still can see that most of the children under this level do not go to school. Those living in rural areas are no exception.
    Moving on to secondary stage, education for us now means a good percentage. If superhuman intelligences were invented, either through the amplification of human intelligence or artificial intelligence, it would bring to bear greater problem-solving and inventive skills than humans, so that humans have no more brain developments. I think such as computer education included in the curriculam was so good because as the grassroot level human dependent compuer in his life activities. Physical education was also improved from the past schooling more stidents now participated in sports and arts.That is comparitively students are more improved curriculum and non curricular activities.

    umisha.m.u [NATURAL SCIENCE]

  4. In Problem-Based Learning, a specific problem is specified by the course instructor. Students work individually or in teams over a period of time to develop solutions to this problem. One of the difficulties today is in writing a book that reflects the complexity
    of its subject. The students in the scenario above demonstrate some of the
    challenges for staff and students involved with programmes that use problembased
    learning. Problem-based learning can offer students opportunities to engage with
    complexity, and help them both to see ambiguity and learn to manage the
    ambiguities that prevail in professional life.

  5. New method helps Students to study the topic not only for exam,,for developing their knowledge too.today the
    school curriculum become very active.now the teaching learning process become student centered.we can seen only the questions in the book.asked to the student to find the answers.today education offer students opportunities to engage in all the activities.

  6. The school scenario has completely changed in recent times.Now the teaching method is completely student oriented.The school curriculum is totally student centered.The school curriculum contain health education,physical education,sports clubs,arts clubs,information technology,smart classes,science clubs, social clubs,maths clubs,etc.All these helps to the overall development of a student. The new syllabus contain more activities for students.The students are able to do their works themselves by asking their parents,teachers,friends,neighbors,etc.They can search even in internet also.So that they get more information. This helps the child to become more confident,to do their works themselves.
    The government introduce D.P.E.P,S.S.A which are helpful to the overall development of a child. The teaching learning approaches are completely changed.In the past the teaching process was totally teacher centered,but now it is student centered.Now the teacher-student relationship became more friendly.Lessons contain more activities for students.The evaluation method is simple and continuous.The continuous evaluation method helps the teacher to understand the overall development of a student in all aspects.The computerized classrooms,lab facilities,libraries are helpful to both the students and teachers.
    The co-curricular activities like physical education and various clubs helps to the student become more active. Now the teachers become more professional and in this 21'st century the teacher should know the new information's and knowledge about the subject.Parents Teachers Association and their problem based approach helps to find out the exact problems and can solve it by the active participation of both parents and teachers.

  7. The government of Kerala has been trying since a decade to bring about reforms in the educational and its related fields. It was actually an attempt from the government’s side to make our children successful and competent in the new technological era, which asks for a person’s innate capabilities and proficiency with new advanced machines. With this aim in mind they have started the reformations with the DPEP system and now the SSA is on run.
    As a part of this, the curriculum was made a lot different from the earlier one. From teacher centered approach it turned to a learner centered approach which made the students think and arrive at their own conclusions regarding the various matters dealt with. Through the constructivist approach they are made to reach the new knowledge areas with the help of the teacher. The teacher only acts as a facilitator who helps them in reaching the knowledge. She has only a partial role in the learning unlike the older lecturing method. There was also a great change in accordance with this in the text books also. Today’s text book includes more questions and activities which aim at developing the imaginative and thinking skills of the students. Unlike the older text book questions which are textbook oriented today’s activity session aims at the comprehensive and thinking skills which makes them ponder over the contemporary issues outside the text. Rather than by hearting something they are asked to think over the various possibilities of an issue. This is a great achievement of today’s issue based curriculum which makes the students think and understand what is happening in the outside world, as a social being.
    Another important footstep is the introduction of IT education in schools. Now the 8th, 9th, 10th standard students are given textbook oriented IT education which actually aims at improving the curricular standards and infrastructure of the schools. At the earlier times there wasn’t any structured computer learning procedure. But now the students were given the latest technology at their fingertips. It also aims at simplifying the curriculum with the help of IT methods. The teachers are also given proper training for implementing this at schools and this helps them to update themselves in accordance with the latest technology which in turn helps in their everyday lives. The students of today’s schools are more informed than others about the computer applications and its various usages. It also improved the infrastructure of the schools. Many government schools were provided with smart classrooms and the provision to instill LCD projectors in classrooms which was surely an attempt in visual learning.
    But the question that comes to my mind is how far these attempts made by the government has reached the students and teachers. The teachers still adhere to the old method where she/he is the supreme dogmatic power. They are still satisfied with the old lecturing methods and the new changes have actually confused a lot of them which can in turn be seen in the students. The students demand more regarding the IT and computer education but may be due to the rigid curriculum or the lack of infrastructure facilities many of the reformative ideas of the government hasn’t come to fruition in the schools.
    The new system of approach to learning and the continuous evaluation of the students have begun a new era in the educational field. There is also the parents’ full fledged support in this learning process. But the success of this depends on the spirit with which the school authorities, especially the facilitators approach this new concept of learning.

  8. In kerala the education will be changed .The government put forword new curriculum for the student to become very social to the environment.The method of the teaching become student sentered.They give only the questions and asked them to find the answewrs .It should give the students to become more active.Today the school has different type of clubs,seminar halls,smart class room etc.The new system give the children more active in the field of educations.the relationship between the student and teacher very good.
    the student get more oppurtunities to show their ideas and share it with others.

  9. As a part of my teaching practice i found that, todays curriculum become very helpful to the students.more activities are given to the childrens. this will help to motivate the students and make them very interactive to others.More fecilities such as clubs ,smart classroom etc are given to the childrens for their use.the education system gives over all development of the growing children.the individual today has to acquire skills that were once not very much essential,while at the same time acquiring life skills that have always been necessary to live in todays and tomorows society.

  10. The state of kerala has been going through the series of education reforms over the last decade or so with the same objective.State introduce IT education at the high school level.A large scale exercises are given to the pupils to become tallented.Today the teaching learning process become very helpful to the pupils to communicate with the others and they get more chance to share their experiences. The syllabus shifted from acquiring knowledge to scoring markand ranks.

  11. The edudational system needs to aims at the overall development of the growing pupils .Through the todays educational system helps pupils to aquire skills. Todays curriculam system is more better than the older system because it is students centered method. More activities are given to the studens .It helps them to unterstand easily and memorisable.It also helps them for intraction and increase their thinking ability.pupils aquire sufficient knowledge among IT level also .There is a good retation between students and teachers .

  12. School functioning’s have changed from time to time. As per my observations, though there has been many advancements in our schools , the basic functioning’s almost the same from years.
    Curriculum and Syllabus:-
    This is followed as per the latest curriculum and syllabus put forward by Kerala board of examination.
    Teaching Learning Approach:-
    Though the classes are teachers oriented in order to finish the syllabus in time students are encouraged to give their responses through discussions scenario.
    Student Teacher Relationship:-
    Students and teachers have a good rapport between them which creates a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the school premises.
    Assessment Practices:-
    Various assignments are given time to time by teachers. They keep record of attendance daily. Class tests are conducted as and when required. All these form a part of assessment.
    Importance of Extracurricular Activity:-
    Students encouraged showing their potentials by participating in the activities provided by sports and games, Science club, Maths Club, Environmental Club, Health Club, Tourism Club etc…
    Professional Development of Teacher:-
    Teachers are sent to professional development courses when these courses are arranged time to time.Professional Development is an integral component of teacher development. It is an ongoing activity designed to increase levels of expertise and understanding.
    Parent Involvement:-
    PTA meetings are occasionally arranged, parents have to come and meet their pupil’s class teacher to sign the progress card. So teachers can keep a track of students behavior at home and school with the help of parents suggestions.

  13. How far the school scenario has been changed in recent times?

    The Kerala school system has been changed a lot for more than a decade. From a teacher centered education the curriculum has now become completely student centered. More importance has been given to students’ assessment and learning by doing. The syllabus has also become more students friendly. Far from rote learning, learning through experience and experiments has given more importance. The involvement of parents also is highly demanding in the new curriculum.

    The contribution or participation of Government in changing the curriculum is really noticeable. In an attempt to provide an opportunity for improving human capabilities to all children, Govt. of India has launched in 2001-2002, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA). The scheme encourages the states to use ICT and the satellite, EDUSAT to provide distance education within the states to supplement school education with a curriculum base.

    Before 2000 there was no structured form of computer education in school syllabus. So another relevant change that should be noticed is the implementation of IT education in the curriculum for students in 8, 9, and10 standards. For Higher Secondary level examination IT is one of the optional subjects. The implementation of ICT tools and techniques in the teaching-learning process is a remarkable reform in the curriculum. IT @ school Project set up in the year 2000 changed the entire facet of school educational system with the use of ICT. This project’s emphasis is on capacity building; infrastructure upgradation; content development; satellite based learning system and E-governance. More than 12,000 schools, 2 lakhs teachers and 50 lakhs students get benefited by this project. The introduction and launching of educational channels like VICTERS also influenced in improving the educational status of teachers and the students.

    Another important and novel reform that should be mentioned here is the Issue- Based approach or learning. Such an approach will familiarize the learners about the numerous issues faced by our society. Using various learning materials and discourses the learners will be sensitized with different social issues.

    The student centered approach does not mean that the teacher has no role to play. The role of the teacher in the new curriculum is to act as a guide or facilitator to the learners. In another words, the teacher’s role becomes more crucial in the new system of education. He/she should be updated with the recent technologies and advancements. Parents also should support and encourage the students to a greater extent.
    To be concluded, it should be important to evaluate and analyze whether these reforms are effective in improving the teaching-learning process and the efficiency of students and teachers. It is a fact that these reforms contribute a lot in changing and enhancing the educational system of our state. But the question is whether these reforms are equally beneficial to all schools and all levels of students. In this new competitive world it is desirable that the new generation of students should be well acquainted with the recent technologies and advancements. For this the new curriculum helps a lot. It is the duty of the government and educational authorities to make it clear that each and every school in our state and almost all level of students and teachers are benefited by these reforms.

  14. Since 2000, the Kerala school system has been immensely transforming. There has been a drastic change in the way education is provided to the young pillars of this nation. Everything has been restructured from curriculum and syllabus to evaluation and assessment. A student friendly educational system has replaced the older dogmatic teacher centered approach. This kind of a drastic reform in the educational scenario of Kerala has contributed positively towards the steady growth of the society and the nation.
    Many reforms have been tried by the state government in the realm of school education from the late nineties. The establishment of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in 2001 by the government gave a positive nod towards the changes that were about to begin. The syllabus, curriculum and the system changed to a learner centered approach. The educational system of schools changed in a way that the students themselves learned and the teacher guided them by facilitating how to learn. The school ambience also had a drastic change. Earlier the schools were more or less considered like places of worship and teachers more or less as Gods. This created an atmosphere of awe, respect and fear. Thus students went to school out of sheer fear and respect. The new system on the other hand works by creating interests among students to study. Thus in the new system the school is a friendly place where the students come to learn because they are really interested in learning.
    It does not mean that the teacher has no role at all in the new system. It is the primary duty of the teacher to make the students interested in learning. The technological and the information revolution demands that the teacher must be well versed in his/her subject along with technology. The teacher should be updated with recent happenings and technologies. Then only they can equip their students to match the information and technological pace of the world. Along with the teachers, the parents also need to be properly aware of the new system and technology to guide and check the students.
    The introduction of IT @ school Project set up in the year 2000 changed the entire facet of school educational system. IT was till then an optional subject in schools. After this, the subject was made compulsory. Along with it other subjects were also made to teach by utilizing information technology. Teachers from every school and for every subject were given training in this manner. Today information technology is utilized in every aspect of learning in the schools of Kerala. After the launch of Edusat, the IT@School Project started a new programme called Virtual Classroom Technology on Edusat for Rural Schools, abbreviated to VICTERS. This educational channel made learning easier and interesting.
    The new system is learner friendly and learner centered. Text books and syllabus has been based on certain issues. This issue based learning urges the students to think critically and creatively. Thus it tests how the students will be able to handle and solve various issues. The evaluation and assessment also changed along with the syllabus and the teaching approach. For example, in the case of English the students who learned the earlier syllabus had to mug up certain readymade answers and vomit it in their answer sheets. The question papers on the new pattern present several real life situations before them. Thus in the new question pattern in English, a question like this could be asked- imagine that you work for a TV channel and you get an opportunity to interview Mahatma Gandhi. Report that interview.
    The new educational system in schools has undoubtedly brought a positive change in the educational scenario of Kerala. However, this system can bring about more mesmerizing changes if it is practiced really well in schools. The teachers are still not adjusted to the new system. This gives rise to confusions and in turn affects students. But it cannot be denied that the new system had brought out unprecedented changes in the educational scenario of Kerala.

  15. The new method helps students to study the topic not only for exam for developing their knowledge too. The new method helps the students to know the related topics deeply.Today the education system is student centred but in early years it was teacher centred. In problem based learning a specific problem is specified by the cource instructor.Problem based learning can offer students to applies their knowledge in everyday life situations.According to me the new system give the children more active in the field of education.

  16. Education system has changed by the government.in earlier ,the system of education is teacher centered.but now it become student centered.the teacher act only as a fecilitator.she give only questions and asked them to find out. new method help the student to establish their ideas and experience.

  17. In reacent years our educational system gets changed entirly. Nowadays educational system changed into problem solving learning method. Which makes the students acquires deep knowledge about their topics and applies these knowledge in different areas. The new method makes the children not only in educational field but aiso in extra curricular activities. Thus our children become active in all areas.The new method hels the students personality. According to me the new system is better than the early one.

  18. Kerala government put forward new curriculum for the students to become very social to the environment. New methods help the pupil to develop their knowledge in all areas. More facilities such as clubs, smartclassroom etc are given to the children for their use.It provide an oppurtunity for improving human capabilities.It is the duty of the government and educational authorities to make it clear that each and every school is highly facilitized

  19. Now our education system will be changed totally.Government introduces new methods in each year,that will changes students,teachers and parents attitude in educational field.
    Now the education system aims over all development of the students.New curriculum is better than the older system.In the past teacher centered is using but now student centered teaching is using . New curriculum helps pupils to get more opportunities to share their ideas.Today the school has more facilities like computer labs,science labs, social clubs,smart classes,seminar halls ..etc. they helps pupils to get more informations.
    The co.curricular activities like youth festivels, physical education, arts clubs, and other various clubs are making students more active.The teacher students are now more friendly that will helping teaching and lerning easily . The new curriculum make pupis more active in each field.

  20. The kerala education system is changing yearly and transformed in to a new look. The achievements of educational reforms shows a proud look of school education.
    1.Mid day meal system helps the students from poor back grounds.
    2.Students came out from books and class rooms and enters into real life situations. this will opens a new world to the students.
    3.the girls up to 8th standard get free books. this helps to increase the strength of girls in schools.
    4.students became more frendly with students.
    5.introduction of grading system helps in increasing the rate of passing the students

  21. ICT based education help the student to know the world corporate with the others.ICT enabled eduction is applied in school.So the study becom very easil and the studenta are very concious about the study.

  22. The school curriculum has changed a lot in our state since the last decade. It is a positive change.The syllabus, curriculum and the system changed to a learner centered approach. The educational system of schools changed in a way that the students themselves learned and the teacher guided them by facilitating how to learn.The issue based syllabus also makes the students capable of facing different practical situations in their lives.

  23. In recent years our syllabus and curriculum has been restructured . There has been a change in the way of education that provided to the students in our state. . A student friendly educational system has replaced the older system of education which gives important to teacher centered approach. The new approach show a drastic change in the educational field and in the mental development of students. It help the students to acquire deep knowledge about their topics and applies these knowledge in different areas.
    The new method is based on problems and this problems are solved by the students through group discussions and some of them are solved through certain activities. In this method students play the major role. This helps the students to develop their skills and learn to work in a team.ie Student centered.
    With the introduction of information technology education such as IT@ school and educational channel made learning easier and interesting. The knowledge in information technology helps the student to collect more information through World Wide Web.