Saturday, November 10, 2012

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    “Malayalam Language” is one of the languages of South West State of India called KERALAM. This is an ancient language derived from Tamil-Language. Several millions of people staying inside and outside Kerala state use this language. Malayalam is facing grave danger from English since parents are eager to send their children to English medium schools. After tenth everybody leaves Malayalam terms behind and embraces English terms. One cannot save or kill a language just by making rules to compulsorily study it or compulsorily avoid it, Language is important. But communication is more important, since the primary aim of language is to communicate thoughts between people.
    Several poets and writers like Ezhuthachan, Vayalar, Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai etc have contributed to Malayalam language. In the modern world, some computer wise guys found ‘MANGLISH’ system. You type in English Language the computer will vomit Malayalam Language. As a result the language is virtually murdered.
    From the North end of Kerala to South end, you can see Malayalam is will vary. Some words have opposite meaning. The central parts of Kerala State use the perfect Language. As a whole the spoken language has degenerated. Speaking and writing good Malayalam language is very complicated. Those who are learning Malayalam Language from childhood will survive better and the foreigners learning late will end up in breathing problems before they could be fluent in the language. In a world that is increasingly going global, a common language is essential for communication but not as best of our own.