Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here are your topics for discussion

Topics for class discussion

1.What's going wrong with our education system?
2.What can teachers do with Facebook?
3. Is our mother tongue 'Malayalam' dying? 
4. Can there be learning without teaching?

Student teachers are requested to comment on any one of the above questions.


  1. Sir
    i always like the way u teach the students.oops sorry i dont want to use the term 'teach" (i meant traditional way of teaching)here because i never ecperienced listening to a long lecture in your class.your class or the i better call it an area for interaction really guided us to search,find and solve problem.i always wanted to support your way of teaching us or make ing us understand things in our own way .in my opinion traditional ways of teaching or direct method cannot help a student to learn.teacher should be able to guide the students to understand things.i am not going to comment on a particular topic,but i want to cover them all.this a also a nice technique to make us learn things.thank you sir for creating a blog like this.the tradional way of teaching or direct method of teaching

    involves giving information directly and here the student spends most his time in ths classroom and not given a chance to ponder about the information provided.if a

    student fails to learn and pass the exam its not his the same time we cannot never blame the system of need to fight with the system but we

    should try to change the rules,then the system will automatically change.teaching should not confine to the four walls of the classroom.teching can be done anywhere by

    anyone.a teacher is not a must there(teacher here i meant HUMAN BEING)who is teaching the fish to swim to swim ora bird to fly?but a fish over comes the strong

    currents by strength it achieved slowly.just like this a student must be helped to face gentle issues then he can solve major solutions .a student is allowed or

    encouraged to get a personal mastery over a subject .he should be able to build a mentalmodel of what he learned. group/learning and team learning can help him to get

    more piececs of information.a student must be encouraged to learn and understand through proper interaction esoecially face to face.then the system of thinking will

    promote his innate desire od questiong what he has experienced.there the proper learning takes direct teaching is not done.instead of that a guided learning

    process takes teacher can be anyone.a book,a newspaper,experience, cd ,tv,radio,multimedia,url, internet etc.nowadys internet can help a student to gather

    many pieces of information.class room is not aplace for mere lecturing and listening but an area of integratd classrooms are really helpful to

    create interest to learn. the integration of tools like class fronter helps the learners very much.. social networks like facebook and orkut can provide a large space

    for expressing ideas,finding solutions etc.i dont want to comment on it because i allready did a practicum on that topic for u sir.i think the cd is still there with

    you.our mother tongue is not dying because even in these social networks many people prefers their MT as the language to communicate ..whatever came to my mind i

    scribbled it down im a mother ofa 2 year old ver naughty girl..and while i am typing these sentences she is hevering arounnd me so i have restrictions to sit

    for a long time..i dont want to tell these as an excuse but what to do..any way im very much thankful for you sir to stirup my mind and see my fellow student techers

    how he used internt an d facebook for creating an interest in learning.i always like to do(even now) the assignments given by thomas sir.i promise you these

    discussions can really help you to find solutions in the classrooms,exams and practical life..once again thanking you sir for giving every one a chance to breath and

    live in a proper environment.

  2. please forgive me for the errors taht i made here..