Tuesday, February 7, 2012

P B L Scenario 4 for PRACTICUM II

How Much a Reflective Diary Differs from a Daily Diary? An Enquiry with differing styles.
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Many a times it is asked that how much reflective journal differs from a daily diary. Professionals are more inclined to prepare reflective journals than daily diary. How does journaling help develop professionalism in teaching? Student teachers are asked to prepare both types on an everyday basis on all days of phase I Practice teaching and prepare a reflective report.


  1. Reflective Diary:

    Reflective diaries are a record of experiences throughout a unit so it is important to use them to report thoughts, feelings and opinions rather than simply the factual events of any given day. It is important to use the reflective diary to record positive experiences and achievements as well as the not so positive ones.
    It should be:
    • A record which is useful to professional teaching
    • A cue to one’s memory and what he have learnt
    • Honestly written
    It can be used to record:
    • Key actions taken during the course of the unit
    • The evaluations of those actions taken
    • The reflections of what we knew before the research/study/actions and what we know now as a result of the research/study/actions
    Reflective diaries is aimed to reflect on the thoughts and feelings about the processes we are undertaking and the results of those actions. In other words, don’t simply record a list of actions; think about what the thoughts are in relation to those actions.

    Daily Diary:

    The Daily Diary is a communication tool which is revolutionizing the documentation and sharing of classroom activities.
    Built specifically for Early Childhood Centres and Schools, this enables busy teachers to easily document and share classroom activities with families as frequently as desired. The Daily Diary is an exciting, innovative and amazing tool that not only revolutionizes planning for teachers but also helps to create connections in new and motivating ways. The class room is one tool that has an impact on children’s learning but research supports that families and communities are just as equal when a child is learning. The Daily Diary helps create these important connections.

  2. Reflective diary is purely an official tool.It helps the professionals to introspect oneself regarding their planning of a day/days.Just like every other professions teaching profession too has certain devices which enables effective output.Lesson plans,unit plans etc are a few among them.A teacher should record his/her class reflection -whether they were able to teach as per their lesson plan or not.Thus it will help you to advance far better in ones career,provided if he/she practices it sincerely

    Daily diary is unofficial.its the sum total of a person's day which includes both official and unofficial,even trivial matters will be mentioned.In short its a mirror which reveals a person's day right from the morning till one goes to sleep.It will help to improve ones personality,provided if one is ready to change their attitude and character,if necessary.

  3. Reflective diary can also be considered as one of the forms of journal writing.Reflective Diary aims at the students understanding level of their learning and what effect the learning had made on them.It helps a person to understand his strengths and weakness. It also helps a person to understand his development in his profession.A reflective Diary mainly concentrates on a record of events and results and our reactions to them.Reflective writing enables the documentation of experiences, thoughts, questions, ideas and conclusions that signpost our learning experiences.It also paves a way to view our teaching objectively .

    Whereas the Daily Diary is a communication tool which is revolutionizing the documentation and sharing of classroom activities.The Daily Diary is an exciting, innovative and amazing tool that not only helps the teachers for planning but also helps to create connections in new and motivating ways.It can be called as a datasheet, where one stores his or her daily routines.On the whole, a daily diary is a record which collects the happenings in a person's life written according to dates.

  4. Daily diary and reflective diary are different. In daily diary we write about our a-z happenings of the day. But in reflective diary we write only about the details at the professional place / teaching practice time of the day.
    At the time of teaching practice we wrote our feelings & experience in the reflective diary. Teaching practice was an entirely different experience in my life.

  5. Keeping a reflective diary about our own experience as a teacher trainee helps us to reflect and learn from experience .It is a form of authentic communication .After each lesson plan we write it in a notebook .Actually by doing so we describe our own reactions and feelings .It helps teacher trainees to have a deeper understanding of their own teaching styles..

    The difference between a Diary and a Journal is that the Diary is more personal than a Journal. A Diary is where you would write your inner most thoughts, feelings, and experiences and it would be for your eyes only.