Tuesday, February 7, 2012

P B L Scenario 3 for PRACTICUM II

How Do Issues-Based Lessons Look Like? An Experiment with Prototype Lesson. 
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Issues-Based Approach (IBA) to curriculum transaction is a novel and unique one in the history of school curriculum development in Kerala. This approach is a clear departure from the traditional ‘knowledge transmission’ models of curriculum transaction and focuses on ‘knowledge generation’ by the learners. The IBA aims to sensitize the learners about the numerous issues faced by our society through the learning material itself. In the classroom these issues are developed and sensitized using various discourses which provide a linguistically rich environment in the classroom. Being a novel one, the IBA poses a number of challenges to facilitators with respect to the preparation of teaching manual, lesson transaction, learner assessment etc. in the classroom. Let us address this challenge by transacting a proto lesson in the class. Student teachers are requested to
1) Generate Contextual knowledge on each issue domain discussed in the teachers’ handbook;
2) List out micro-issues related to each issues domain
3) Elaborate and contextualize each micro issue
4) Develop (in small groups) a unit plan on a topic in IBA
5) Prepare, individually, a proto-lesson in IBA
6) Transact the lesson in the school or in informal settings.7) Reflect on the experiences

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