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Second Sem. B.Ed. Model Examination, November 2015

Paper- VI: Education in Indian Society.

Time: 2 Hours                                                                              Max. Marks: 50 marks

A. Answer all questions

1. Of the following universities, which one was established by Wood’s Dispatch?

a. Delhi University b.  Madras University c.  Mysore University

 d. None of these

2. The terms of reference of Mudaliar Commission were related to:

a. Primary Education b. Secondary Edn   c. Higher Edn    d. All-Round Edn

3. In which year education was included in the concurrent list?

a. 1976                        b. 1968                        c. 1964                        d. 1990

4. ‘Learning without Burden’ was the report prepared by

a)         Khothari commission          b)       Chattopadhyaya commission

c)         Yashpal Committee             d)        None of the above

5. Which is the apex body regarding curriculum for school education in India?

a. SCERT          b.  NCERT      c.  CBSE               d.    ICSE

6. The National Knowledge  Commission was instituted on

(a)  13 June 2005               (b) 8 August 2004

     (c)  12 November 2005      (d) 7 September 2006

7. The major shift in the teacher’s role as per NCF 2005 is to function as

      a. Strict disciplinarian b. Source of knowledge

c. Facilitator d. None of the above

7. The aim of basic education, as per the dream of Mahatma Gandhi is to

I. Create a classless society

II. Create a Sarvodaya Society

III. Create a society respecting all religions

IV. Create a society where a rich and poor can live together

(a.) All I, II, III and IV are correct.

(b.) Statements I, II and III are correct.

(c.)  Statements II, III and IV are correct.

(d.)  Statements I, II and IV are correct.

9. The major objectives of Rahstriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan are

a. To enhance access to secondary education.

b.  Provide secondary school within reasonable distance from any


c. Ensure universal access to secondary education by 2017

d. All of the above

e. None of the above

10. What is the purpose of Jan Sikshan Sansthan?

a. Provide vocational training to non-literate, neo-litearate and school dropouts.

b. Provide basic education to illiterate adults.

c. Create awareness about health and reproduction among rural people.

d. None of above.

(10 x1 = 10 Marks)

B. Answer all questions briefly.

11. Give a short account of any one of the central schemes in the education sector?

12. Mention the social indices of National development with reference to education.

13. List out the functions of NCTE.

14. Specify the concept of inclusive education.

15. Mention the role of education to promote social values.

                                                                                                          (5 x 2 = 10 Marks)

C. Answer any four questions

16. Do you feel any threat to the secular fabric of our country in the current scenario?

17. Briefly explain the concept of Intellectual Property Rights.

18. Is a massive population a boon or bane to India?

19. Describe the importance of ‘Human Rights education’.

20. Describe the causes of educated unemployment.

21. Discuss the gender issues in education.

                                                                                                         (4 x 5 = 20 Marks)

D. Answer any one question.

       22. Why is the Right To Education Act significant and what does it mean for India?

23. Explain Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution to educational theory and practice

                                                                                                                     (1x10 = 10 Marks)

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